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Dear Google,
you know exactly which languages I speak. So please explain to me why you still feel the need to push some random video titles and descriptions through Google Translate, making them look unprofessional and confusing me because I know that I watched that video already, but now it has a new title? And why is there no option to turn this off? And why do you explicitly state that the language setting does not affect text submitted by users? Even though it does? What the actual fuck?

Also lol even Google isn't perfect at using ecape characters correctly

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    Oh god I hate translated titles.
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    @MrWouter did somebody said A L I E X P R E S S?
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    If I watch an English video, I obviously understand English. Those translated titles do nothing but confuse.
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    +1 for exurb1a (and because it annoys me as well...)
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    Good old English (Germany)
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    What annoys me is that there's no way of turning it off. I've questioned my sanity a few times as a result of it.
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    Google's translated subtitles are actually annoying :/
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    Another fan of exurb1a.
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    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    The title is english,
    so why aren't you ?
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    Thank me later
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    Thanks, @buscedv!
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    just ++ed cause of exurb1a tbh
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    @mishaor Our good friends in China translated the "Raspberry Pi" to "Frambozen Pastei" (Dutch) with means Raspberry Pie.
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    @MrWouter everyone just keeps title auto translate on because of a bonus effect: infinite lulz generation
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    Alright, get ready for...

    A transcript of an english video with a german title and description... In chinese!!

    Why would this ever be the default?
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    @Conrad upvote for soothouse
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    I don’t think that’s Google Translate. The author of the video sets it up for multiple languages so they can target more viewers. I agree that it shouldn’t necessarily show you the German version if you speak English, but that’s a matter of personal opinion.
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    @620hun May actually be true, I could only find options to translate the title and description yourself, or let the community suggest translations.But in my opinion the translations are on Google Translate's level of quality more often than not.
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