spin = counterclockwise; //really :/

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    I’m not crying you’re crying
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    female Sheldon Cooper 😝
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    1. The 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000002 extra milliseconds is kinda pointless

    2. It doesn't slow down time, just the Earth's rotation.

    3. Why spend time with someone if all you're doing is spinning around?

    I get the joke. It's cute but also flawed.
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    We should do it day before deadlines..
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    @EclipseMain ...and that's why they don't invite you to parties. 😂

    Besides, girl never says she wants to slow down time. It's pretty clear she slows down the Earth spin.. 😉

    I can't remember of a time where xkcd had the physics wrong...
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    @CyclingMatt I totally agree with the point that xkcd never has their physics wrong...
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    But somewhere on earth there will be somone, bored in the office, spinning clockwise to get closer to the weekend.
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    I can feel a break keyword in that rotation loop
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    She is not trying to stop time. She's trying to push back sunrise. Sure, sun and our clocks will be out of sync then. But she's doing it right
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    @netikras just need to spin a bit faster I guess.....
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    - if(love)
    + while (love)
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