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    This has been posted here too many times to count.
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    Where to even begin

    Linux. Step 1: it’s not broken

    Also I’m not clear why recompiling the kernel would happen in the average users use case
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    As an Apple user I can tell you, that a Mac will not break 😄
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    @Sumafu My iMac's something blew up, because it will remain on the screen with the spinning wheel for hours and do nothing.
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    @Sumafu they are surprisingly robust. Funny software stuff happens though, both in firmware and if you’re running the Apple os.

    Usually can fix it by resetting something
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    Actually, macstadium jokes about how rare of an occasion they have to repair any of their thousands of Macs they have in server racks... check out their YouTube if you don’t believe me :)
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    @Sumafu As the owner of a sledgehammer, I challenge your statement.
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