So, our lab professor in university for data structures was evaluating my friend's group assignment next to me and my colleague.

Professor: So, what does this method do?

Friend: I feel it would be best to explain our structure first and then how our methods work.

P: No, no. It's okay, I'm seeing it here in my laptop. *Looking at their report which included nothing about the structure of the assignment since she asked specifically only to place the methods and their complexity analysis due to not having time to look and evaluate a full report for each group*

F: Okay, *proceeds to explain*.

P: Okay, and why is your code commented?

F: Because it's good practice and we learned in subject x last semester.

P: Impossible! I teach that subject and I did not teach that in my classes.

F: Okay, but our professor did.

P: *Says nothing*.

They got a 3.25/5 as a grade for it and got really pissed off. I mean, they spent a lot of time making the assignment's structure perfect, optimizing their code and the professor did not care for the structure, just the methods, on the data structures subject.
FYI, they are workaholic, dedicate a lot of time improving their skills and their normal grades are usually >= 4.25.

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    @davenall I know exactly what you mean. I hate one math professor particularly due to being extremely arrongant. I flunked one math subject's final exam and when I went for the exam review he admitted my answers were indeed correct but since they were not made "his" way, he would not accept them as valid answer and did not graded them. I got so mad.
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    @davenall It's been some months since that happened. I'm going to do it next semester and this time (hopefully) pass it.
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    this seems to be a global phenomenon. I can confirm that stuff like this happens in Germany too, for instance. A classmate and I pointed out some errors in our professors slides / course material. He was reeeaaally not amused.
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