Just started as a remote dev and I found that it's IMPOSSIBLE to work from home.

Get annoyed from something not compiling/errors? Go play some video games two feet away. Nothing going your way? Go lie down on the bed behind you.

But for some reason I can work from home way better at night.

Any other tips for working remotely?

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    Remove any distraction. Loosing focus is the worst thing that can happen in developing.

    If your employer is fine with it:work at night.
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    go find a 3rd place.
    Home should be work free.
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    1. Don’t play around during working hours in your house. If you got annoyed go out or go to other room instead of staying in same room all the time, your organism need to get used to the fact that it’s not weekend during the day when you’re at home.

    2. Sit in front of desk, place desk in front of window so you don’t see the room where you usually do other things then work.

    3. Go everywhere with your computer, want to lay around, lay around with computer. You don’t need to work at the desk anymore, make a sandwich with your laptop.

    4. Exercise during work.

    5. Keep yourself busy in front of computer.

    Try different ways to find your best.
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    Break down your tasks, set goals for each day. Use Pomodoro technique.
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    A little bit off topic but I currently think about living for maybe half a year after school as a digital nomad, do you think I could get a remote job in data science or similar fields without anything more than the Abitur (German high school gratification)?
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    I am fav'ing this for the future
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    Its super important to not have the bed where your workplace is, regardless if its studying or homeoffice.

    I personally do homeoffice from my gaming pc and its fine-ish but its tempting to do something else, stay away from games though, its like crack
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    I have the opposite. Once I get into things I tend to work 12-14 hours in a go and not take breaks or stop at 6pm to relax and play games
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