Devrant client update:

- load indicator on ajax execs
- changed the design yet again, hopefully final this time lol
- implemented ajax content loading so the menubar doesn't flash
- block users/keywords plugins done, only left to find a clean way to integrate it with the upcoming notifications, so no notifications are fired for blocked users or posts with blocked keywords (similar to twitter mute keywords)
- usernames linkifier plugin
- links get unshortened on feed too (via plugin), without losing the ability to press on a post

next is (just to name a few, the trello list is far bigger by now)

- login
- local notifications, should be firing without GCM/FCM too hopefully, which would be great for people on here that de-googled entirely and don't want microG
- port some of my userscript plugins I haven't yet
- theme system
- global and plugin settings
- plugin update system
- plugin import checks for obfuscated code, one line etc. and warns the user
- client update system

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    That's awesome! Great job, Josh, as always.

    PS: If you want to be "trendy", you're just supposed to write "bug fix and magic lol" in the changelog.
  • 9
    @Jilano thanks :) I'll try not to be trendy, that shits horrible haha
  • 5
    Wish I had time to create fun projects :D

    I guess I need to become a freelancer to enjoy free time! :P
  • 4
    @hash-table yeah, I can decide each month if I want the start of the month free, end of the month or get as much cash as possible for something I want or to skip the next month too if I really don't feel like it haha
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    Some free publicity
  • 1
    @JoshBent Available for testing?
  • 1
    @GiddyNaya not yet, will be released on my GitHub together with a huge documentation of everything once ready though :)
  • 2
    @JoshBent Great... Plz keep us posted... It's a nice interface you got there and i'm loving it already!
  • 2
    @GiddyNaya will sure do!
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