Okay I'm back to Dev Rant tho it still looks new and confusing sometimes, maybe because I'm new to programming world. Well I need some type of advice , I like web development, I started learning PHP (I know it an old language but it all I can help myself with, by learning). Is there any thing I'm missing? Any link on improving my skills ?

I will be glad to learn a lot from the senior developers on here . I really want to go wide into programming I'm ready for the challenges because I know the path isn't always easy!!

Thanks in advance

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    Why are you limited to PHP there are a ton of languages you can all learn for free. It really is one of the most accessible fields. What types of programmers are in demand in your area tailor what you learn to the market
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    What is the path you want to take?
    We could point you into a lot of directions but what about web dev has caught your interest for you to want to dig deeper?

    As for pointers for PHP at least, see
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    @gruff No I'm not limited to PHP , it a fresh start for me , I know there are tons of programming languages for free. The demand for programmers around here is more of Web dev.
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    @mikkyjaga PHP is just fine, skip students running mad with their nodejs stacks - for PHP there's laravel, very great supported framework, both community wise and development too.
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    @C0D4 Thank you for the link . But if you say you can point me into various directions, Directions like what if I may ask?
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    I’ve been doing webdev for over 10 years, there’s no single approach to it and each key area has its own requirements, granted there’s a fair bit cross over.

    That’s why I asked where you want to go with it, for example:

    - Building small sites
    - being a front end developer and understanding UI design and UX principles.
    - building, maintaining ecommerce platforms or large scale CRUD applications
    - getting into APi development and micro services for other sites and systems to be able to utilise
    - being a full stack developer and being able to wrestle everything and anything thrown at you.

    Depending on what path you want to take, the languages, principles and knowledge you will need to have and understand will change to some degree.

    Also those links are great for getting a grip of php early rather then learning the hard way how to do things in a maintainable fashion in a language that doesn’t enforce any standards, and don’t pay much attention to the “php is bad” bandwagon, there’s really not a lot you can’t do with it and there’s some great frameworks out there too.

    PHP is still being actively developed as a language so it’s not going to die of anytime soon if that’s your fear of it being an “old” language.
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    @C0D4 I want to go deeper being a full stack dev, but I guess I have to start somewhere by building small sites, perform the CRUD operations and do projects to perfect learning. Yes I don't pay attention to the PHP is bad statements, And I'm so aware there is really not a lot I can't do with PHP and it's not dying anytime soon. I really appreciate you for the enlightenment. For someone who has been in the line of web dev for 10years . What are the tools you can recommend for a beginner?
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    As a beginner I would recommend getting familiar with the PSRs if your planning on sticking to PHP for a while and using them where possible, also being able to write structured code early will help you long term as it will become easier over time to write test classes for almost* everything you build.

    As for going more full stack, don’t be afraid to spin up a virtual machine and break it trying to build a web server and getting it working and deploying code, being versed in the environment side of things for a project will be a great asset later on and will help with planning out the code base as you should already understand the limitations of the servers you are working with.

    Front end is a pain at the best of times and do expect to become frustrated and angry with it, I would suggest picking up some UX courses and UI design materials to be able to plan and design front ends that your users will actually enjoy using and not get lost.

    CSS and JS have a mine field of options available in frameworks but it’s always best to start from the ground up so you actually understand how these work before relying on react/vue to do all your dirty work, there will become times where these things won’t be available to you and you just might need to rely on your vanilla knowledge to get the job done.

    Get your hands as dirty as possible with all aspects of web development and don’t be afraid to ask when the shit hits the fan for a problem you can’t solve, at worst you’ll break it, that’s what they invented Git for right?

    And remember it’s not like your launching rockets to mars so don’t stress to much.

    * there are times where you just need to write a shitty script you won’t be proud of that just has to work, you won’t write tests for these.
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    @C0D4 wow! I read this particular comment about 5times and I must say it a big relief, that part "remember it not you launching rockets into mars so don't stress too much" was really needed thank you so much . Sure I'm going to get my hands dirty as possible as I can and will be glad to give you good news soon. Just wish there is a way to interact directly on here. But if there is any way I will be excited to interact more with you@C0D4
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    @mikkyjaga feel free to tag me, I generally check the mentions.

    Otherwise check my site linked on devrant if you want to reach out directly.
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