What aliases do you use in terminal? 🙂
I made 'cdd' to 'cd ~/Desktop'
and 'cd..' to 'cd ..'

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    alias cdlog='cd /var/log/application_log_directory/'

    alias taillog='tail -F /var/log/application_log_directory/current.log /usr/tomcat/log/{catalina.out,localhost_access.log}'

    qcat () { ## quiet-cat: removes commented-out lines
    sed -e '/^\([ \t]*$\|[ \t]*#\)/d' ${1}
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    alias .='pwd'
    alias ..='cd ..'
    alias ...='cd ../..'
    alias ....='cd ../../..'
    alias l='ls -lah'

    alias please='sudo'
    alias sido='sudo'

    alias j='java -jar'

    alias dockup='sudo docker-compose up -d'
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    @ruhe haha 'please'
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    Like 3kb of aliases and custom functions. 😅
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    Edit: 4kb
    That's without includes defining colors, etc.
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    The only ones I actually use more than once a month are:

    alias cls='clear'
    alias wine32='WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.wine32 WINEARCH=win32'
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    @infernalempress i also use 'cls' but for 'reset'
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    A tp command to "teleport" into a commonly used directory. E.g. tp doc, tp dev, tp home.

    s, syu, r for yay / pacman

    py and depy for python venv

    n for nnn (file manager)
    nh for nnn with hidden files

    c = code . (Open VS Code in the current directory)

    i3c, polybarc, termitec, zshrc, ... for quickly editing dotfiles.

    And a couple more I guess
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    gs git status
    ga git add
    gcsm git commit -s -m
    gp git push origin
    gpp git pull origin
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