Mobile (Android/iOS) gaming has such potential but publishers keep pushing out mindless garbage. What's the point of getting a gaming phone only to spend your time playing gatcha games?

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    Been saying this for years that mobile could be a legitimate platform for gaming.

    Now we have some actually large games coming to mobile it's making people realise that mobile can be more but it's still got a long road ahead of it
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    Wtf is gaming phone?
    Every flagship phones are gaming phone!
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    @elonmusk Some manufacturers advertise as Gaming phones (e.g. Razer).

    @lxmcf i have trouble understanding ho one might like to "play" on something like a phone. Most games are just "watch as it's playing on its own", riddled with cash shop, make your battery last 2/3 hours top, etc. It truly seems like a subpar platform to me (just my opinion).

    PS: Card games could have a nice spot there, I guess.
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    @Jilano One also has to add, that mobile players seem to be incredibly stupid. Take a look at PUBG for example, on PC it's competitive, winning is hard.
    On PUBG mobile, even a noob like me can get a chicken dinner (almost) every time, because 90% people can't aim.
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    @Jilano I know. But they are all gimmicks.
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    The only bigger mobile game that didnt hurt my fingers was injustice because publishers think mobiles are just consoles with virtual joystick
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    Touch controls works well only with turn based games.

    External peripherals used as controller are cheap, ugly and often bulky.

    There is no guarantee that you can play older games on newer android/ios release (for example, you can't play Ikaruga on Android 7/8 and you can't play Monster Hunter Freedom on iOS 11/12). By contrast, I'm still playing Vantage Master 95 on my Windows 10.

    There is also no guarantees regarding the download of your already purchased content over the years. Right now I can buy and download a game on Steam and (especially) GOG and keep it mine forever, able to download it every time. Android and iOS ecosystems can't assure you this and this is also related to the point previously expressed regarding backwards compatibility.

    So: mobile platform can't be and won't be true gaming platforms. That's it.

    Unless you count gatcha and microtransactions filled app.

    Even Square Enix dropped the model "premium game on mobile" and focuses now on gatcha systems.
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    When people this retarded are running things give up:

    Let's make a poke on game bringing loads of people together!

    Yeah.!!!!1!!1 now let's make a pile of shit with nothing good in it from the actual pokemon games and somehow it will be good.
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