How many hours do you work per day on average during a work week?

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    I have 36 hours to do per week. So some people work 4 days and half (8h/day) while others do 4 days at 9h/day.
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    44.5 weekly hours for me, but I can split it however I want...

    That is not counting home projects, right?
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    6 hours apart from the day I’m in the office I only do 5 🤣🤣
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    Usual: 50
    Paid for 40
    Sometimes work 20
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    when i am awake, i work.

    i sleep for 4-6 hours a day.

    you calculate the rest
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    between 34 and 50 hours / week

    6-10 hours / day
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    Usual: 8 a day (40 hours a week)

    When I've got disruption service, it varies a lot (I can also get called awake by our monitoring system at any time at night) but about 4-8 hours extra during the entire week.
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    Paid: 40h
    Worked: ~32h
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    @brunofontes ++ for honesty
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    Between 40-50hrs
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    30hrs per week and more productive than ever
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    Previous job: 60h a week.
    Current job: 40h a week.
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    @Kaji but there are weeks that I work a lot more. :)

    As I deal directly to clients, it is hard to predict how much work I will have. Some days everything happens at the same time. Other days, nothing happens, so I stay almost idle and dedicate the time to develop tools for coworkers.

    But sometimes it just stays pinging. So I do not work the entire day, but I cannot develop too, as I have to stop all the time to answer a client.
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