Email: "We just launched our new web interface! It's so much easier to use, and should make life a lot easier for our users."

Me: Oh good this thing has been unusable since I've been working here. How do I get on the new version? Better read on...

"Download this PDF for more information!"

Erm... ok.

In the (20 page) PDF: "Email this address@example.com to get the URL!"

ffs ok

email: "Thank you for emailing us, you username is benoliver999, your password is 'passow0rd' and the url is in this attached PDF

god help me

(50 page) PDF: "Remember to disable pop up blocker, ad-block and to install Flash"

Today I have started building my own version of this product so we can stop using these idiots.

As an aside, the username 'admin' also had a password of 'passow0rd'...

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    What the actual fuck. Good call on stopping to use that. Any service that stores/e-mails passwords in plain text should just burn.
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    just email everyone from the admin user already!!! 🙌
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    @LucaScorpion I'm glad you caught that! I gave them the benefit of the doubt - maybe they set the password, but it is still stored encrypted (so if I change it they can't see it).

    Went on the system and change the password. They immediately auto-emailed me a 'reminder' of the password I just set... I should have known...

    Luckily they do not store sensitive data but it's still time I put my foot down so we are moving it in-house.
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    @azous They have a number of businesses they handle through the same interface, so I created a 'business' called 'AAAH CHANGE YOUR ADMIN PASSWORD DICKNUTS' (AA because they are listed in alphabetical order).
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