Monday morning, went to the local grocery store to get myself some croissants and 2 bottles of wine.

Cashier: "Already at it in the morning, you sure about that?"

Me: "Long story short, I've got a Wi-Fi driver from Intel to debug and rewrite, and it's a fucking piece of shit.. can't go at it without hitting or preferably exceeding the Ballmer Peak... Also I'm awake since yesterday evening already."

Why even ask? Yeah I'm a fucking alcoholic, and guess why that is.. stupid nontechnical fucks, certified enganeers like that motherfucker at Intel who wrote this pile of garbage called ipw2200, and technology that can't be arsed to work properly on its own unless I build the fucking thing myself, just to name a few reasons.

You know what, fucking piece of shit from Intel, whoever it is? How about I let you choke on my dick while fucking hanging you with a sharp metal wire that's carrying 2kVAC from a microwave transformer, just to see whether I'd nut first, or you either choke, get electrocuted, or get your fucking throat slit first. Certificates aren't an excuse for committing this fucking pile of shit and calling it a fucking product!!

Now, it's time to dive into this giant stinking fucking turd I guess.. first glass of wine to get myself prepared for the shitstorm that's a giant 20k LoC C file with barely any comments, to look what the fuck causes this fucking pile of shit to disconnect and ask for WPA credentials after a while, despite having them stored.. and not reconnect after that, because why the fuck would you?!

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    Good luck.. Make sure to get some rest afterwards
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    (You can deny your Belgian/French side all you want, the truth is there, mate! :D)

    But anyway, good luck, and like @epse said, get the rest you deserve afterwards.

    PS: I have no information whatsoever regarding a possible attack on Intel HQ.
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    hey, it could be worse.... What if the source code wasn't available? You'd have to decompile it and work with automatically generated names :)
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    @netikras good point.. at least it's open source so that I can actually have a peek at it :')
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    ++ for alcohol keeping us sane...most of the time, good luck to you!
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    Are you debugging the driver in the Linux tree, or some other out of tree thingy.
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    @bootleg-dev initially I went with the project from SourceForge but afterwards I noticed that it's present in the kernel tree as well. As it stands now, it seems to be an issue only in Arch Linux, as there were some issues in BBS from 2008 and 2010 that mentioned that this wasn't the case in other distributions. In Bodhi, I haven't experienced this issue either.. so chances are that it's just a configuration issue somewhere.
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    I have had the same issue before, but now I cannot remember what it was that fixed it, not entirely sure it is the driver.
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    @Condor Try/check the version of the wpa_supplicant, maybe there something broke.

    Edit: Also I had some issues with not being able to connect to WPA when some in-kernel crypto stuff was disabled.
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    Oh I know what it was. I had randomize mac address in my NetworkManager.conf and I was trying to connect to an HTTP auth login access network. Did the same shit, confused hell out of me.

    Because they track me by my MAC and every time it was different.

    check your networkmanager.conf file.
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    @hash-table hmm.. I don't have MAC address randomizers running on this host and no captive portal either... But I'll check networkmanager.conf just in case. Thanks for the suggestion! :)
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    In fact I added the following to my networkmanager.conf

    [03:21 dford@fu ~] > cat /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf
    # Configuration file for NetworkManager.
    # See "man 5 NetworkManager.conf" for details.


    I use unbound dns, but generally that can be set to whatever or omitted.
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    @hash-table You've got to be kidding me.. just compiled a new kernel with ipw2200 debug output just in case, checked the system journal for errors, turns out that the damn thing actually does randomize its MAC address for God knows what reason... Just applied your NetworkManager.conf minus the dns=unbound (what does this option do?) and it works like a charm! Thank you so much <3
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    ;) ya I think randomize mac on scan is default :P

    glad I could help, totally had me on the fence too! But I you are braver man than I for digging into driver.
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    dns= allows you to control the resolv.conf like dns=none won't change resolv.conf dns=unbound keeps resolv.conf using unbound dns server instead of the wifi service dns. ofc dns=unbound isn't working as I like, so mostly I keep it dns=none and chattr +i my resolv.conf to so it cannot be changed. but I have to do it after I connect to captive portal or captive portal won't let me in.
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    @hash-table hmm, I'm using a private DNS server here, with Cloudflare as a backup.. my router's DHCP server is usually responsible for assigning that, with the only locally set option being its IP. In the future I'll probably remove the DHCP responsibility from my router by making a dedicated server for that as well though (because apparently gobbling up €200+ for a top-tier consumer router still gets you a proprietary and extremely limited piece of shit).. so there's that. I'd like the dhcpd on a server to be responsible for assigning the DNS though. The less local configurations there are in terms of networking, the better. Not sure what NetworkManager option I'd best choose for that to be honest, if any.. for now I've commented it out.
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