Learn nodejs, love it, abandon it coz most jobs in the country want php and none heard about the new js frameworks.

1 year later, decide to change job, look at posting to find senior php position, all companies want node, angular, react & vue...

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    Nothing that can't be learnt in a couple of weeks bro, give it a go
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    is using these new js frameworks and libraries easier to integrate with a nodejs backend or does it not matter. what are the restrictions ? i always read advantages but where would i be stuck if i tried using them ?
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    Yeah, we get ever new "revolutionary" shit, and websites suck more than ever. That's because web devs are trapped in eternal noob state. Once they got experience, shit is phased out, and they have to start with new crap that is even more "revolutionary".
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    @Fast-Nop I KNOW RIGHT i mean i spent years working with php and got familiar a really cool framework and did many projects then i have to start from scratch to learn react and angular for frontend and start using node for backend
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