Don't hire monkeys that write shitty code that cause production issues.

Just spent the entire morning with our global team (10+ ppl) looking into the cause of a production issue.

Root cause: shitty code that anyone that has read an algorithm book (array resizing costs) and understanding how DB functions should be used and why (bulk inserts vs one at a time) would never write.

Even the code itself is a mess...

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    You don't need to read an algorithm book to know that resizing an array is expensive as shit, and executing less queries makes them go through a bit faster. Seems like the good old uncommon common sense to me.
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    @filthyranter no you don't but some monkeys are just that bad.

    I know for sure it's in algo books
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    @CodePatronus Would you give away your shit for free?

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    Oh, so @Root is the cause... I knew it
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    With that attitude you will always be the @Root of all evil :)
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    @hell 🙂❤
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    The world would be a better place if all developers embraced performance profiling tools.
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