Power shortages plus 3D printers don't mix... FUCK, 2 hours of work.
Next upgrade: UPS.

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    Oh i'm sorry :( for that reason i'm going to install a UPS when i have money left.
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    Can you print the other half and put them together with epoxy or polyester resin? Or superglue+soda powder?
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    @mt3o Nah... I would just start again.
    But it's a toy, I was struggling with two parts out of 5 (didn't make that rebard to stick it to the table), this was my fourth attempt, this time with glue spray (that shit really glues)
    Not tested yet, it's a Chinese repeating crossbow, If it works fine, if not I can change it to a normal crossbow.
    Anyhow, not gonna repeat a toy that I was only doing because I had to know how to solve that problem...
    Now I know...
    Already moved forward.
    Thanks for the tip anyway, unfortunately, my printer doesn't have a continue option if power fails, so I have to restart...
    just gonna order a cheap €60 UPS... it's the cheapest I can get with normal outputs.
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    Did i get it right that you have problems with adhesion between bed and workpiece? I really can recommend "filaprint" from filafarm. It is a bit expensive but worth every cent! :) pla, abs, petg... Until now i only have good experiences with it.
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    @borderless Not really, If the Cura makes that extra lines it sticks well, other than that I'm just using Airspray...
    But gonna check it out, still upgrading my printer :D
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    So... My dad is the one causing the power shortages while welding... Stole his ups, can't afford a new one this month lol
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