Setup git push notifications (to each of their own channels), together with automatic deployment via webhook, though I'll add notifications to that too, as it currently doesn't have any besides the log file.

Gitea really has been a blast for me to finally get all things git - done, maybe because it is just so lightweight.

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    I"ve actually been meaning to try out gitea, it seems like you're really enjoying it. I'll probably end up trying it sooner rather than later now
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    @infernalempress you can ask me anything about it and I can e.g. check if it has that feature. :)

    It is much more lightweight than e.g. gitlab, but I feel that makes it much more attractive to actually getting things done, with gitlab I had too many candy to play with and wanted to setup too much, which essentialy lead to me _never_ actually doing it.
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    @JoshBent I kinda doubt it but does it have any CI/CD capabilities that you know of?
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    @JoshBent Ok I just realized, I was a bit busy and overlooked you talking about automatic deployment
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    @infernalempress deployments are done via webhooks, so a script purely pulls (though some of git-deploy scripts support handing off post/pre deployment), haven't just yet played around with e.g. droneCI but probably could be integrated too, just not integrated as with e.g. gitlab.
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    @infernalempress just checked on drone again and it seems to be advertising itself directly for gitea support all over the place https://drone.io/
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