This is how it be

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    *breaths in Jase*
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    I have steam set to not open up. Because oh my god. Lets update lets download games lets do this. Sales
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    Discord: why not read about the update and discord Nit<closes>
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    @skprog Same. I even just uninstalled discord because I rarely even used it
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    I like it when Spotify is always ready for me and headphones 😀
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    @CodesNotHot My mechanical keyboard has a function key that launches the default media player.

    Took a bit of a workaround, but I got it to launch Spotify every time lol
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    @Stuxnet try rambox or franz
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    Disable the shit out of the shit
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    What’s the boxer shorts icon?
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    @devios1 Discord. A messaging app (think Slack but more casual).
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    @devios1 😂😂😭
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    @devios1 It's supposed to be a game controller. Discord is pretty much a replacement for teamspeak, skype, slack, etc. It's quite good and complete... but also slow to start up, and it seems the devs can't resist the call of the feature bloat demons -- there's even a shop and game subscription service built in now.
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    @bittersweet Oh lol I see it now.
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    @jespersh but the Discord change log is always fun to read and the video is always... Interesting...
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    True dat. :P
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