It's only after switching to Linux you realize what all you were missing as a Dev. A package manager, excellent terminal and complete control of your system especially the updates, rock solid depending on the distro and many more. Unless I need to develop for Windows or mac I'm not switching. Long live Linux.

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    No compromise. Everything just works. No sales model into which your use has to fit, to suit some vendor.
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    @bahua I'm sorry I didn't get that. Could you elaborate?
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    I mean that in commercial desktop operating systems, any system feature is added only under the understanding that deploying and supporting it will support an overall plan to make a profit, whether it's through sales, support, or something else.

    With Linux, such a dynamic is almost nonexistent.
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    Linux: Written by developers for themselves, and to a lesser extent, other users.

    That's why it's so amazing for development, and still has a decent user experience for average users.
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    @Root Credit where credit is due: GNU/Linux*
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    yarn in under 10 seconds
    git commands in under 200ms per commit
    live reloading that works consistently
    searching the whole! file system in under a minute
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    I'm sorry if this is offensive to anyone: Not even an OS made by angels is gonna convince me that I've been missing a "terminal" in my life... Graphical UI was invented for a reason!
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    @hamido-san Not offended at all!
    (keep in mind that I'm a server engineer professionally, I always have a drop down terminal close by)

    - need to find which config file contains a string in a folder with 100 config files: grep string ./*

    - need to do the same as above but then with gzipped rotated logs: zgrep string ./*

    - need to know my external ip: curl somewhatsmyipsite.tld

    - need to see all file/folder permissions of all directory contents: ls -la /path/to/directory

    Stuff like that is many times faster for me through the terminal than through a gui.
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    @linuxxx because nobody took the time to make a decent gui for them... I rest my case
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    @hamido-san If you find a way to make a gui which launches faster and takes less time with entering all parameters (these are just examples, sometimes I've got to pipe output to other programs multiple times and sort/format that data in some way as well), let me know.
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    Oh so it's up to me now, huh?
    Like I said, don't wanna offend anyone, let's drop this...
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    @linuxxx simply put
    GUI: Easy of operation
    TERMINAL: Power user, can do a lot more extended things

    But GUIs aren't bad persee. Listing of searching a file? Terminal for sure.

    Going through different folder structures to copy multiple files with different filenames that have almost no common factor in their name: GUI without a doubt. Selecting individual files for copying or transfering is much easier in a GUI as far as I know.
    But then again. This is one the only things I could think of.
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    The keyboard is far faster, more powerful, and more flexible than a pointer-based UI. If you dispute that, you simply don't know what you're talking about.

    The pointer has its place, but for basic OS operation, it's an add-on.
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    @Charmesal In your case I agree but luckily I never have that one. Did you look at the use cases I describeed? (especially the piping to multiple programs)
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    @linuxxx I did and I don't see any proper way of doing that using a GUI. The terminal is powerful and I couldn't live without it anymore.
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