Guys, does anyone promise himself to work on a personal project on the weekend which he really is excited about working on. Then he ends up having done nothing but play a game or go out?

Like i have this idea that i really wanna make but i just cant get myself to sit down and actually do it. :/

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    I think it's common problem ;D
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    Maybe try to cooperate with someone? It works for me.
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    Happens to me every day...
    Had to learn when to force myself to do something or when to let it go...
    It works for me, If I don't do it on that day, but not force it, There will be a day I really focus on it and do it start to finish.
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    Btw, I'm unemployed and have free time for a few more days, then I'm starting a year course on Electronics. I hope it helps me focus more.
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    Maybe it helps to draw the basic structure of the program on a piece of paper. That way you will know where to start.
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    Have exactly that problem on one app in particular... And also tried working with a friend to help us push each other but him having moved 10 hours worth of timezone away, the problem still stands 😅
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    It's called procrastination and is a common disease caused partly by a lack of self-control and other stuff that draws attention and gives feedback in a rewarding way.

    Try to delete your games, use your phone less and change your daily routines. The human is an animal of habituation. 😉
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    Weekends are for weekends
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    Happens to me about 95% of the time. Every time I do feel like it it’s a time I should be going to bed lol
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    Getting started with something, continuing doing it after having done the initial few hours of work on it, and even the last couple finishing bits are always difficult for me to get to. Perhaps I should probably put "skills: procrastination" in my CV somewhere :P
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