Why devs hate being interrupted...


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    Yes. I've tried to explain this to my boss before and I think I'll show this to her later.
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    the current thing that's going around is that every interruption costs 15* minutes of time to get back into the track of what you're doing.

    (*can't remember the exact number)
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    @OiYouYeahYou I feel like it's at least half an hour ... To get back up to full speed at least!
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    @localdam like I said can't remember the exact number, I've heard some people say 45.

    But to be honest, in my case I tend to pen and paper most thoughts, programming and not programming. So if I've gotten off track or distracted I don't have to try and recall it all
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    This post is the most accurate comic I've seen so far.
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    Had a guy in my team once, who just had to talk all the time. Always telling shitty stories and asking very basic questions.
    Distracting everyone for the 3 months that the project took.

    Fuck that guy.
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    @OiYouYeahYou 15 * intellect modifier
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    It was one of my reasons for quitting my former job.
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