Tinder Tutorial 101:

I don't understand why everybody has issues with matches. Here is what u do:
1) Open Tinder App
2) Spam-Swipe to the right until you have no more swipes left.
3) Wait for matches
4) Separate good from trash.

Ain't nobody got time to read all these profiles

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    Ya ever swipe yes so many times you see the same people 2 or even 3 times, while only getting one match?

    Cuz I sure as fuck have.
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    That does not work. Spamming will get you to Oblivion where no one sees you.
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    ^^ this is true but also exploitable

    Instead of spamming, delete your account and reopen it whenever you feel you stopped getting matches. Then only swipe right on rly attractive people who are likely to have high internal ratings. Either you can enjoy a day or two of being visible, or you get out of ELO hell and have a high rating and stay visible forever.

    Tested it, definitely works!
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    Even easier:

    1) Become rich and famous
    2) Install Tinder
    3) Put in picture of you and your luxury boat
    4) Be overrun with chicks
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    @Fast-Nop you don't even need tinder for that. Chicks will flock IRL by themselves.

    Mercantile females 😒
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    Yeah, because being a "nerd" that have heard so many times "wow you don't look like you fuck that good" doesn't have anything to do with people swiping you left... Right?
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    @hell "this guy fucks!" 🤣
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    isn't the easiest to not use tinder at all? somehow people managed to breed successfully for millennia without it.
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