There we go! 16 GB RAM is actually smoother than 8 GB! Who knew 🤷 (Nuxt build only takes 5 seconsd instead of 2 minutes)

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    What did you think why Crapple started soldering the RAM on and then charging thrice its market value for it?
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    @ilPinguino Because some people are willing to spend an unlimited amount of wealth for a half-eaten logo on a random item?
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    @Jilano yeah... Hey, let's build PCs, print a logo with a half eaten turd on them and sell them.
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    I already wished for 32gb but my macbook cant be upgraded 😅
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    And I'm struggling to work with my 4 GB :(
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    I don't know why, but I feel like this is very disturbing.
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    @ilPinguino several companies do it, not just Apple
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    The moment when you realize that you’re compiling dynamic language.
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    Wanna join the 16gb club 👋
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    Only 8 here, will have to wait several years for a new MB before upgrading.

    FX [ Dreams of 256Gb.. ]

    I'd like a dual CPU again too, for that more zippy feel when you want to do several things at once.
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    @Nanos Haha we can always dream ;)
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    I remember when I had but 1k, and I would dream of 1Mb !
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    Wow... You actually need 16GB RAM for DEVELOPMENT? Holy shit... These build systems sure are bloated nowadays...

    Time to upgrade, I guess.
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    @DarkAngel Vagrant can use 8 gigs on its own.
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    @ilPinguino Wow... And I thought Gradle was heavy-weight...
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