I want to learn a new front and back end webdev language. So far, I've found Dart and TypeScript (though this one is not completely new to me) on the front end side, and Go, Elixir and Rust on the back end side. As I don't have too much free time, I can choose one of both sides for now, but I can't decide which ones to go with, since I can read so many pro-contra opinions.
I only need to choose for the skill, I don't have any specific target, I just want to learn new stuff.
Which ones do you suggest?

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    Elixir and elm goes very well together (as both are functional), there will be a lot of tutorials and packages focused on that stack.

    Go has gopherjs, which I think is not that popular, but still you can write frontend in golang.

    By learning dartjs, you will also be able create mobile apps with flutter.

    All choices are good, so it depends what you prefer.
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