That moment when you are so impressed about someone or something and interested and want to talk about it but you dont know how to even string two sentances about it even after you just spoke to someone that got you interested in it.

Time to spend a few hours getting the lingo down but in short, using python to make a FE to allow users to create a Hermes config file that will be used on Kubernetes to set up clusters of servers on aws to run their version of our platform. My mind is so rekt and i thank the Devops guys for this needed break from the FE where i normally reside. I love working with people that are not only good but enjoy what they do. They make me a better developer myself 👏

This is one of the many vast reasons i love what i do and having a place to share with more like-minded induviduals like yourself, im grateful.

Thabks for reading and hope you have or had a great day. Keep up the good work all and stay focused 👌

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