Why is skids trying so hard when it comes to talking shit about Windows? Do they think that is it the only way to get accepted into the GNU/Linux community?

Personally, I think people who does that look stupid and dumb.

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    Apparently to them, hate Windows = member of GNU/Linux community, guess that's their new rule?
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    Kammon!!! Windovzzz is shitt, linuxxx rulezzz foreva!!!
    Seriously though, windows have a history of rather bad image and business choices (see windows10 spyware scandal), so the logical choice of the wiser ones is the OS where you can control everything and anything, including but not limited to, initial code.
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    Well I see two possible reasons for that.

    #1. to look cool, to announce to the world that you are grown up enough to have your opinion, no matter how superficial. Some people just want to be seen and make some effect on others, in this case -- create a discussion. Don't worry, they'll grow up someday. Hopefully...

    #2. actual frustration and hate, bcz let's be honest, MS production is oriented towards business, towards profit. NOT towards a HI quality reliable product (proof: https://twitter.com/Foone/status/...). Linux community, however, does it all the way around.
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    I used to bash (heh) on Windows when I made the switch to GNU/Linux. But it didn't take me very long to realize that most people don't give a shit. I was 14 and saying stuff like "Windows is shit, GNU/Linux is the way to go" (probably an exact quote from myself at the time)

    I still don't like Windows much. Hell if I'm given a choice, I NEVER use it. But I get that nobody gives a shit what I use.
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    @infernalempress Your comment made me nostalgic to that period. Growing up without the Internet (and even more so the so called "Social Media") was probably one of the best thing.

    And to answer your question, @Linux, they definitely do. You can check by going in any nearby "IT school" and see for yourself. It's disheartening.
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    The cringe only gets stronger, when people use terms like Micro$oft. Or Winblow$. Mind the dollar sign for authenticity.
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    @Makenshi while I myself prefer the term Windy OS, I usually remind those "the dollar sign is evil"-types that Richard Stallman himself actually endorsed selling free software, made five figures with emacs(while distributing it under the GPL mind you) and that many widely used Linux distros are produced by corporations that sell both physical copies and support contracts.

    It took me a few years to realize that capitalism, while not the best thing around, isn't that bad (Adam Smith helped). It does however, as opposed to communism, require every individual to understand its basic mechanisms - the failure to do so may be the main cause of what we see happening today.

    Microsoft's current decisions in the consumer market however, are less than customer friendly... I think we can all agree on that much.
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    While forced to use Windows 10 on one machine (the alternative would be burning €600) I can't help but hate how every little thing in W10 has this IE-like characteristic to it. And then there's stability.. and then there's lack of choices (I've removed Paint 3D countless times, but every time it seems to resurface when opening images.. because why'd you possibly want to use IrfanView instead, right?!). Finally, privacy. Having seen what data this shitty PC sends out to Microsoft with its Diagnostic Data Viewer, I can't help but think that all what Microsoft thinks of its users is that they're stupid users that need to be protected against themselves (which, granted, 95+% of them are), and little more than guinea pigs for testing purposes.

    Does that mean that I want to somehow "get accepted into Linux community"? Fuck no, I don't need acceptance of anyone (although it's definitely nice). I genuinely could drink Microsoft's blood for building such a piece of shit, forcing OEM's to pre-install it, and getting into bed with Nvidia to make their GPU's as difficult as it can possibly be to use on Linux. I hate Microsoft not because I want to appeal to the Linux community. It's simply because I really just fucking hate Microsoft.
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