I didn't actually realize anyone could be this dumb. Sure, I'd heard stories, but I wasn't sure that I'd ever come across this level of stupidity in the wild. I was moving email across hosting accounts for someone, and I asked them to please navigate to a certain domain. Then they asked what navigate meant, so I told them to please type it into the URL bar. They said "OK." 5 seconds later, they said, "Which one do I click on?" They googled the url. So I asked them to please type it into the URL BAR. Then they asked what that was.

...like what? I just told you this yesterday. How fast does information fall out of your head? Do you forget where your toilet is when you wake up every morning? How do these people even function in society?


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    They don't use computers. A lot of them function just fine, just can't use computers so good.

    I mean, some of them don't... function.

    I don't like to think about it too much, just accept my rose coloured glasses here ok.
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    My ex-wife always put URLs into the search bar and then clicked on the link in the results list.
    On some point I gave up and made sure I looked the other way whenever she did that.
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    @Yamakuzure There’s a reason she’s your ex.
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    @rant1ng You tried. XD Try not to think about it too much, your brain will hurt just trying to comprehend it.
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    @GMR516 Well, there are many. Both ways. ;-)
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    Actually, for some projects, I usually google the name, then go to Wikipedia, then click on the link to the home page.

    I never quite remember what the real VLC website is and what the malware hosting fakes are, and that's not the only one.
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    @GMR516 I feel you! It's even harder when it's family and you can't dump them like a bad client! 😂
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    @Fast-Nop Yep. Same.
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