*buys VPN*
*Installs VPN*
*Opens VPN*
*Sets VPN to france*
*Start receiving french ads*

Sure why not lol

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    At least the geo location works fine.
    @Bobj2008 How is your user agent?
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    I used to work for French company and sure enough, our internet access was through French gateways. The result? All web pages are in French by default.

    Usually you can switch the language if you just know to select "Anglais" from the dropdown menus. Which is convenient, if you don't know any French and want to switch the language. Not.

    Some highly advanced web pages used national flags to do the language selection.
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    "French ads"... sounds dirty 😏
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    I hope you didn't get too much TikTok ads, I apologize for our ad aids' cancer.
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    @Drillan767 🤢 don't mention that monstrosity!
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    @scor my user agent?
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    @scor @Bobj2008
    Yea, your browser / OS describing user agent.
    The quite some different places hidden bits that notify used services which architecture is being served.

    Oh well
    Use a pen drive OS on a throwaway machine with public access without being seen.
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