In your experience, how much more does a senior developer earn at the same company compared to a junior?
What about the same job but part-timer vs full-timer?

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    Seniors get about 60% more than mids where I'm at, mids get about 40% on juniors.
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    I know it's a lot more but I don't really care because I'm still in college :P
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    Let's make it simple. Senior dev earns 3 times more than junior developer
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    @fattymiller @oscylo o.O my pay is stuck on junior.. o.O
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    @sladuled I know of senior devs that were in that same situation as you. Usually because they were not starving and did what they loved. Their eyes opened when they started to talk about salaries of other developers sometimes even in the same company. Try to find out what your coworkers are making and decide whether you will try to get a raise or just change a company.
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    @oscylo I won't change company, I just love it here. The work, the working environment. I know somewhere else I might earn more, but I don't know what work environment I'd get myself into.. or the codeshit, I mean code base.. :\ So for now I stay. I also know my predecessor earned more than me (he told me this after he left) and this is why all the O.o are there.. But other than that, I love it here. Also the perks of announcing vacation days one day in advance (if no major updates are pending) and coming and going as I please, wearing my sweatpants.. damn, I'm weird.. O.o
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    @sladuled There is surprisingly many companies where you can get good pay with all the benefits you have in current workplace. Change is scary I get that, but sometimes leap of faith is required. While you have a job nothing stops you from testing the waters. Do your research, ask your friends. If nothing works check where your predecessor works now he probably found a company with similar culture and with better pay.
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