Bind in React is making me want to bind staples to my asshole so I can stop getting fucked! 🍆🚫 🍑😩

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    Had not heard that one befo. I am gonna start using it.
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    @AleCx04 No kidding? First thing that came to my mind, haha!
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    Use ES6 function, bind free
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    @const Does it cause more overhead though since the engine cannot optimize n different functions the same way it can multiple calls to the same function shared between components?
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    Use hooks, maybe?
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    Always a hole left... you'll never ear it coming
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    @illuminous bro its glorious haha it made me laugh so hard when I read it I had to come up with something different to explain to my coworkers
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    Binding is not that bad, but I agree that you can use an arrow function and avoid nasty bind syntax
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    Either use arrow functions or hooks
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