My windows pro licence got automatically downgraded to home when I turned my laptop on today. Turns out it's a known bug since last month. Just when you think they can't get any worse. Bitlocker doesn't work anymore(only supports pro) and here I'm sitting in front my encrypted drives helplessly.

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    Holy fuck, u r screwed man
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    This should be fixed already. Also I don't think you automatically get features deactivated just because you're missing a license, there should be a grace period (Could be wrong. But maybe you just have an additional problem)
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    Who uses bitlocker anyway 😂
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    Wait, what the f.. did it like, show a prompt or anything like that? Or did it just crap out when you tried signing in?
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    Oh, cool! Mr. with a Small'n'Soft [pardon me, MicroSoft.. My mistake] strikes again.

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    Bitlocker... Yeah...
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    @theKarlisK Bitlocker is still present but it won't open (maybe crashes on start). It looks like ms screwed up trying to fix another recent bug which compromised bitlocker's SSD encryption.
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    @Kimmax my client gave me this laptop for this project. No way I'm installing Windows on my personal laptop.
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    @HarleyQuinn I'm sure you've already tried undoing this fuckery in all kinds of ways, but did you try using the automatic startup repair during boot or the good old "Sart in Safemode"?
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    Not something that could happen on Linux. 😬
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    @theKarlisK did everything I could. Will be returning the laptop to the client tomorrow. Microsoft never fails to justify my hate for them.
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