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    Alcohol helps too 🍻
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    @Condor yeah, but it doesn't attract those fun green bunnies. Alco gets you green fairies tho. They make paid dev fun too.

    Good point
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    the next day you hate yourself for that mess of code. That, at the moment, you thought was the most genius piece of code and everybody should know about what great code you've produced. A piece of art! A masterpiece! You've been enlightened understood the whole programming language, the world and the universe. Everything made sense! 😲
    And strangely that code block on line 234 makes you horny and remeber every orgasm you've had the last 2 weeks. It get's too much, you step outside into the night to smoke a joint. There it is! The stars. The Everything. You start to cry because you realize you'll be dead in a few short years. But strangely you're ok with that fact. You go in and boy was that a dificult task to reach your bed. You lay down and wish you could sleep for an half an hour. But nope! No rest on lsd. But you close your eyes and start to see strange fractal worlds in vibrant warm colors. Interesting. Enough! Coding
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    ain't gonna act like a bitch here folks, all good, just be careful not to fall in any kind of addiction cuz damn that drug and alcohol addiction is depressing af.
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    Yea, limited slip differentials helps a lot
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    @heyheni This is literally my default state :) not joking
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    @koorosh-m there is no LSD addiction because addiction goes like this:

    1) feeling shitty
    2) taking $DRUG
    3) feeling good
    4) coming down
    5) goto 1

    With LSD, it would be like this:

    1) feeling shitty
    2) taking LSD
    3) feeling MUCH more shitty
    4) lesson learnt: if 1), then not 2).
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    It's kinda hard to access the PC when it's being guarded by a friggin' dragon though
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    @heyheni That was spot on and amazing
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    1) Organize your life
    2) Establish a safe environment and find a trustworthy friend to have your back.
    3) Watch Michael Pollan on Joe Rogan for informational primer.
    4) LSD is not the kind of drug you do more than once a season.
    5) Find a secure frame of mind and you'll realize blindspots and ego missteps.

    Psycadelics can be VERY helpful. Beware of "spiritual theft"; real easy to inflate the ego instead of calming and taming it...should you fail to watch where you wander
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    @rutee07 meth is for people who can't afford speed, and speed is for people who can't afford snow. All of them are for people who'd be terrified of acid where considerable amounts feel like dying because of ego death.
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