So I had this awesome idea yesterday, and I was really in to it and all, so before I started working on it I googled some stuff, and while looking for something (how do you generate session cookies) I just found out that somebody did EXACTLY what I wanted to do. Now I'm sad.

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    What was it?
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    @mojo2012 my idea was to write a lightweight microframework for http servers (like flask) but based only on the python stdlib. It's called bottle.py, and it's awesome.
    This is a link for their site, if you really care
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    It happens all the time. I'm not sure if I should tell you to do it anyway cause I know how frustrating it must be...
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    @rantsauce I will probably do something like this anyway, because a teacher told us to write a http server with sockets so I will overkill this to build part of this. I even got a name!
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    @TheMiper It always starts with a good name xD. Good luck, mate!
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    There are many books about the same topic.
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    Update: I decided to to this anyway.
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