Why Gmail. Why the fuck do your search parameters, especially your date filters, not work anywhere near as expected.

You make me have to query and test, query and test, just, randomly fucking guessing because, fuck it, right?

With a good 10 second refresh time. I love twiddling my thumbs and pulling my hair out.

after:2018/11/1 should produce emails from Nov 1st onward.

Not, TODAY ONLY, if no other parameters are

If there's a from: parameter, now we want to do after Nov 1st, right?

And also, don't show me how to sort in reverse order, either. Not without a complete rewrite of my class there, which clearly I'm too lazy to do right now.

Fuck the Gmail Api, responsible for weeks of wasted dev time... or more aptly put, "fuck devs using our gmail api" says the maniacal, sociopath devils that created it


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    so, it turns out, let's sayif maxResults=10 is specified on your search query, but it only returns 6 or whatever, then gmail won't go looking on any other day for more, even though your date range specifies it

    so, with maxResults=10 if query = 8 results on 2018/11/09 You're only gonna get those 8 results

    If no maxresults, it of course, starts looking at other days in daterange

    This is not intended behaviour... date range is a week.. look at the other fucking days man

    This is only for is:unread

    isn't that a bug I should report?
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