Dear every single Samsung owner I see, if you spend $200+ on a life proof case but still end up with your screen and back smashed... I think you have bigger problems than just a smashed phone...

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    We all have that one friend(or group of friends) that manage to crack the screen every single time.

    Shit annoys me. Specially with expensive products. A fuckload of my friends are in crippling debt and even then they manage to fuck their shit up.
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    @AleCx04 I've never understood how people manage to do that. This is my 4th phone in the past 8 years and out of all only 1 got a small crack in the corner (not entirely sure how). Meanwhile others are apparently using theirs as a hackie sack and the manage to continue to use that smashed screen for some time.
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    @gashadokuro Gotta wait for that new iPhone before replacing it! Buying the same model is a shame for your entire family!
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    11th phone in 15 years.

    Only one ever had a broken screen, but thats what happens when you drop a flip phone on the ground face down and break the hinge and screen.

    I miss that phone 😔
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    Rule number 0 for items people hold in hand: They will be dropped.

    There are reasons why I use a (Samsung) flagship from a few years back.
    *get all the premium features from a few years back
    *costs less than a current budget device — not a big deal if you drop it
    *equal performance to a current budget device
    *no tradeoffs almost all current devices have, such as no headphone jack, no SD card, a notch. — it's hard to find a device on the market that fulfills my needs better than my current device
    *acceptable custom roms
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