To all SJWs (including hidden ones on dR): Fuck you!

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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- W... Like a win in sports is listed.

    Comment W on posts that are good, and L (for loss) on posts that are bad.

    🤷🏻‍♂️ Something kinda common on Instagram and places like it, and it's basically a habit of mine to comment lol
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    Fuck them.

    (Just not literally for fear of catching the mentally debilitating disease)
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    You speak the truth... Fuck em'
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    what do you mean with SJW? I totally consider myself one, but it's most likely a different meaning
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    Wish I could ++ this more.
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    Social Justice Warriors?

    Elaborate, so we can hypocritically laugh (:
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    @makmm SJWs are hypocritical, sexist and racist assholes who claim that their sexism and racism is OK because white hetero men are the Jews of the 21st century. So.. FUCK THEM.
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    @Fast-Nop oh okay, well that's not what I am for sure. I guess the word 'SJW' is abused and has too many meanings.
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    @makmm Central to their ideology is the idea of group identity (which is why it's sexist and racist by definition). Your personal worth is defined by the worth of the identity of the group you're in, and the more "oppressed" the group is and/or has been at some point in history, the more entitled you are.

    The net result is that white, heterosexual men are the lowest scum on earth to them, hardly worth the gas to be killed off. Lesbian black women are the highest form of human existence, especially when also being addicted to drugs.
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    @Fast-Nop Exactly.

    They're "tolerant" unless your views aren't the same as theirs, then you're the scum of the Earth.
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    "hidden ones" as in "traps"?
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    @Fast-Nop yeah I understand what you mean. I feel it's a *little* exaggerated, but probably because I haven't seen many of these people because of the social groups I'm in. just a suggestion, maybe try changing your groups a little, to stop seeing these shits? where are you usually finding them?
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    @makmm the fact that there are much more heterosexual white men in Linux kernel dev than lesbian black women with drug addiction means that there's something wrong with Linux, that's how SJWs see it. Obviously, if they got their way, they would destroy everything.
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    @makmm it's not where I find them. They invade every domain that doesn't immediately laugh at them, e.g. open source. Before, it was gaming.

    The only major domain I know where they totally failed was heavy metal, and that's because metalheads are fucking proud to be offending. The reason for that one is that metal is a big "fuck you" to mainstream.
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    @Fast-Nop well, 100% honest I don't see them much where I am usually. it highly depends on who you follow (yes, online)
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    @makmm I don't even "follow" because I don't have accounts on Fuckbook, Shitter or Instacrap.
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    @makmm No.

    I don't follow any of that garbage and I'm not friends with any of these people because they seem like unbearable aholes to be around.

    Yet this shit is still everywhere you go. There's always someone whining trying to claim everything is offensive. Unless it's about heterosexual white males, because then you can't be offensive towards them.
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    @Fast-Nop Mastodon, fediverse? :3
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    @makmm with Mastodon, I know the name at least, but I've never heard of that other thing. Actually, I'd rather flirt up @rutee07 (haha, that caught you off guard, didn't it?) than joining some social network where I'd hate most of the people anyway.
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    @Fast-Nop Fediverse is where Mastodon operates. Didn't understand the flirting part though xP
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    My ex was from SF in California, Liberal snowflake heaven. It was hell.
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    @makmm You cannot avoid them because they seek to invade everywhere.
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    @Root as I said, I haven't seen any in a while.
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    Yeah fuck them. But don't do anything, when they get "Contributor Covenant" in the Linux kernel code of conduct.
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    @makmm Maybe you don't notice them because your views are similar, therefore you fail to see the extremity of it & just pass it off for slightly worse than you?

    🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Because it's not hard to miss them on literally any slightly edgy Instagram post, or on forums. And now they're starting to run around the tech community preaching their bullshit tolerance story
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    @makmm Praise Trump and watch them gather a lynch mob. (Or ask "Resist *what?*")

    Or just say "It's okay to be white" if you're white.

    Or "black lives matter as much as anyone else's."

    Or "it makes the most sense to hire the most qualified"

    Or "socialism is stupid"

    Or "communism has failed every time it's been tried"

    Or "lgbtqiapb&j" 😂
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    @Root I got told "you can't be racist to white people" on campus the other day

    Laughed my ass off and used a lot of self control to not unleash a hell storm of insults that would have probably gotten me jumped.

    October/November of 2020 should kinda fun to just fuck with these people on campus.

    To prove their tolerance, they spit on one of my friends who was out campaigning for Trump back in '16. Much tolerance, many wow.
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    I used to reblog stories / news articles like that on Tumblr and tag it "#tolerant liberals" -- I had hundreds.

    I eventually got my account deleted (because being banned alone doesn't delete your blogs), I assume for being too political (and not a lefty) because posts like that made up almost all of my recent content at the time.
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    Sometimes I wonder how prevalent sj warriors are outside of the U.S since they cause quite a fucking uproar here in the U.S over every single thing and I am inclined to believe that such bs is somewhat less prevalent in other countries where the general population is more intelligent(Like Germany where common sense seems to be a thing since kindergarten)
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    @AleCx04 Other countries are also more on the political left, so maybe they just blend in more?
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    @Fast-Nop Y? IS IT BCOZ IM A WEMEN?! You sexist, racist, hetero white man! Just kidding. I like hetero white men. The ones from the gas chambers are especially smart. Must be something with the carbon monoxide in the air although I refer to them as "Bible characters" to prevent a whole new ethnic debate.

    Germans are the best though. This is how I flirt, btw. It works very well.
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    @Root that seems to be the case for the most part. Another thing that I have observed is that they just don't care. I dunno, but i see it a lot here and it drives me nuts.
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    @Root Politics on Tumblr requires far left propaganda to be posted or it's a ToS violation lol.

    But yeah there's definitely a fuck ton of proof that screams "hypocrisy." I should make a montage video lol
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    The "far left", "SJW", etc. is also called the "vocal minority" here in the US, they only make up <10% of the population IIRC but they get so much attention and influence because they speak up and lash out much more than other groups. That could explain why it's hard to find them in real life but they're so prevalent in media. Most people are somewhere in the middle and dont care as long as their individual life isn't affected too much.

    Another interesting statistic is the demographic of the far left - predominantly well-off white people, not as many poor/working-class/minorities that they claim to ally with and support. Makes you really wonder what their intents are.
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    @tokumei I'd say their intentions aren't even secretive tbh.
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    @Stuxnet True. I just hate wrongfully blaming people if I dont know for certain. But its evident that there's a lot of corruption and manipulation that happens.
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    @Stuxnet not at Instagram, almost doesn't use Twitter. mostly just Telegram+Fediverse. so that's probably why. and no, I defiantly don't have the views you described.
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    @Root I guess it's just that I don't use the mainstream media. mostly use fediverse which has lots of queer and furries that r friendly AF and from my understanding do NOT have those views.
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    @makmm That's something I can say about every furry I've ever known: they are all very friendly.

    Some are a little too friendly lol
    But they're all very nice people
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    Genuine question here:

    I've seen people on here saying that those sjw people are very much left (politically) and even to the point that very much left (political) people are also in general to blame for the sjw bullshit.

    Why's that? If were talking politically left (as in right vs left) I'm quite extremely left but those sjw people can go fuck themselves.

    Why would 'the left' be bad?
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    @Stuxnet u use Tumblr wrong: it's for posting nudes and porn with brightly colored public and private hair. 😁
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    @AleCx04 @Root It also seems to me that they "operate" mainly in the U.S., but I could be wrong. To be honest, I have to learn new words/acronyms everyday if I want to keep up with your politics. All your labels just don't make sense to me, haha

    @linuxxx I do believe it's just a difference between what people in the U.S. call the "left" compared to Western European countries. While there is of course some political parties pushing the red colour (communism), that's only the extreme. I'd say that for most Europeans, "left" only means to not get (as much?) fucked in the arse by companies (e.g.workers rights, etc.).
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    @Root Have to agree with @AleCx04 more there. Here in Germany we may be more to the political left, but these fuckers don't fit in at all. We just laugh about their bullshit and tell them to rectally insert cactuses.

    @linuxxx It's that these idiots use the political left as an excuse for their shit.
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    > I haven't seen many of these people

    > because of the social groups I'm in.

    I haven't found a single group yet anywhere that doesn't have them. :-(

    And I'm in thousands..

    I'd like to ask for a list of ones they aren't in, but if anyone replies, they will read it and join them !

    > how prevalent sj warriors are outside

    > of the U.S

    Oh plenty elsewhere too. :-(

    Where I am, half the population left and the replacement are mostly those types..

    I wish I knew where those folk left too !

    Some say I'm left, some say I'm right, as such, equally hated by both sides. :-)

    You could be the most shining example of the political left, but the moment you disagree with left groupthink, you are labelled political right..

    I think of myself as in the middle ground, but apparently there is no middle ground now, you are either with them, or the enemy..
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    @xzvf i swear that Germans are born with a natural affinity for logic and common sense.

    Have a couple of german friends. The most down to earth and logical people I know. I even feel inadecuate in my sense of logic when I talk to those assholes.

    They can also outdrink anyone I know. But then again I don't drink enough to know and each one of them is nearing on 2m tall with strong builds. I am pretty muscular myself but I am a tiny mfker
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    @AleCx04 they are not born but their culture promotes thinking. Contrary to the individualistic American culture which promotes being a snowflake.
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    @irene i could only wish. If I ever want to continue to lose faith in the people of my country all I have to do is turn to fb and find myself hating the society in which I live in.

    Shit is absolutely horrid. I know that is not the same for all of us, and that there has got to be some dense ass people everywhere in the world.

    But the idiots here advertise themselves on the daily. I normally say that people here splatter their shittiest ways on everyone they encounter. If they want to be dense and lacking all logic, well that is one thing....but I swear...its like they pride themselves on this shit
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    FB is awful, you can't say a thing there that isn't on the 'approved list' of things to say.

    For example, the other month the subject of Trump came up, and someone said he was stupid.

    I remarked "How did he get wealthy if he was stupid ?"

    Rather than an interesting discussion about how he got wealthy, I was told to go and kill myself..

    Why, because I was obviously a trump supporter they said..

    What, I ask one question, and I'm labelled a supporter !

    Not only that, but the person instead of just a casual insult, goes full retard.

    Now unless I'm in the 'special group', it doesn't do me any good complaining, even though if you said that kind of thing to one of them, you'd be arrested and sent to jail for the rest of your life !

    Double standards, and a lack of decency when it comes to debate.

    It really is very toxic, and as the good people leave the sinking ship, you are just left with more and more troublemakers.

    I've even seen them turn on each other !
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    Disapppointed at all this immaturity.

    If you had any sense you'd stop dividing and put forth constructive means of upgrading outdated institutions, lest extremists burn it down.

    Atypicals and Outcasts need to stick together. Victory not Vengeance.
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    I have noticed a few downvotes. These downvoters most probably are from these assholes.
    Come on you bunch of retards. Fight me. Stop being bitches. Show yourselves!
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    @AleCx04 Learn to laugh at it. Visiting /r/ShitAmericansSay never fails to give me a laugh
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    I am talking about that kind of motherfuckers who think that their only mission on earth is to make peoples' lives worse.
    The recent linux shit, python master/slave bullshit. Go suck a bag of dicks, you fucking morons.
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    @makmm if you are one of them, feel free to leave this place (as you did mention it in your post where you secretly pointed at my rant).
    Such people make the world go down. Such people deserve a special place in fucking hell. Satan is waiting for those SJWs and LGBT (who want white men to be dead) people.
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    I am sick of all of this bullshit.
    It is like a fucking virus.
    Sometimes it just feels like those people are still in kindergarden. Be fucking real.
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    The more time passes by, the more I understand Linus Torvalds tbh.
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    @makmm, if you are not one of them, all these words were not directed to you.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- okay I get if you use SJW as something bad that wants white people dead. well I don't get it *that* much, I can't understand how you think LGBT people want white people dead. that's straight up xenophobic.

    yes, I posted this rant after seeing your (and others) rants. what's wrong with that?

    read combo from before, we're not using the same definition of SJW
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    ps: Linus Torvalds mostly didn't discriminate. just was being a scum to everyone.
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    @linuxxx I just don't think everyone has the same definition of SJW.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- what do you mean with what FastNop said? which comment?
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    @irene Tumblr porn is low key good shit.

    Used to love going there when I needed a fap
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    Inequality is bullshit.
    There are only 2 genders.
    Everyone is provided equal protection under the law.
    People are not oppressed in the USA.
    SJWs and the LGBTOMGWTFBBQ crowd are just a bunch of attention whores.
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    @Stuxnet yup, same thing 😁
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    @makmm You really need to pick a different term, then, because if you self-identify as a SJW (even with a different meaning) sane people everywhere will not-incorrectly assume you're a militant extreme leftist who willingly swapped their brain out for CNN's newsfeed.

    That's a bad thing!
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    @Root Agreed. But honest question: Do you really need to "identify" to something when all you want to say is that you're trying to respect one another? Isn't that what being "human" mean? No need for all those stupid expressions/words/labels/whatever.
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    @makmm what is your possible definition of "social justice warrior"? 🤔 I cannot imagine any good one.
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    @segfault0xff that's it, fuck this app. uninstalling~

    @irene won't reply cuz ^
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    @makmm eh, ok. Whatever 🤷
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    @Jilano "Being accepting" / "respecting one another" is common courtesy, and practiced by almost everyone... you don't need a movement for this, or specific rules that punish those who don't.

    You especially don't need a group of enforcers that dig through everyone's history to find something they dislike, and demand that person be fired over it. And often times when this doesn't work, the people in question gather an angry mob and demand again, more vocally, with ever-increasing aggression.

    This isn't being tolerant.
    This is being intolerant.

    So yes, be nice to everyone else.
    That's the very much opposite of what these SJWs are doing.
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    @Root i agree with this. And its common courtesy but it still doesnt mean you have to be nice to everyone.

    I have been mean and deeply regret still today.

    You need room for mistakes and self reflection even if it is at the expense of others because in the end the one who has never made another suffer is pretty much inexistant.

    And i feel the smae way about jokes. If you spend your time laughing and joking about shit like rape then you have a problem. But laughing to something unexpected does not make you a racist or a insensitive asshole.
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    Forcing people to be nice to everyone?
    Totally not the answer. Force is never the answer.

    I'm nice to those who deserve it (and honestly everyone else, too; I'm too nice). However, I am mean or outright cruel to those who have seriously wronged me. They deserve it, and I have not felt guilty for it, ever.
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    @Root i dont always agree. Mercy sometimes is a better answer.

    The hardest is to know when you should be an asshole and when should you be the bigger person.

    Letting go is hard too :).
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    @Root Well formulated answer. Thank you!

    @makmm Sorry to bother you (last time mentioning you, promise). By doing so, you prove being the exact same kind of people as the one you claimed to be different from. You get offended by something (no one was harsh, as far as I can tell), and instead of trying to argument, you "run".
    Anyway, farewell.
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    I support Linus.
    I stick up for the Queer and Atypical communities.
    Not a fan of Antifa (what you should be saying instead of LGBT, who btw are an amazingly fabulously welcoming community)
    Downvoting OP for being immature and incindiary attitude.

    You want to fix things? Submit a constuctive solution. (No, not a hateful one)

    This thread isnt a pull request, it's a tantrum.

    Wear your feather in your cap, join in the mending.

    Hello, hello? He lied.
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    Let's look at some examples.

    Person #1: Fired me on an MMO I worked for, attempted to get me globally banned several times, doxxed me, over all trash talking for years. Also stole years' worth of my work (and lots of other people's) and passed it off as his own.

    Person #2: Deleted almost all of my work, trashtalked me everywhere, reversed all of my decisions he could (we were both managers), fired my hires, and only hired his friends -- who all hated me. When I quit because of his shit, he immediately deleted my goodbye letter.

    Person #3: Boss (who ran a casino) tricked me into working as a contractor by withholding my contract until well after I started, paid me 30% less than promised, and later gave me a 25% pay cut on top of that (increased hours, no salary increase) for a grand total of 52.5% of my promised salary. He was almost always behind on payroll (1-3 weeks, sometimes much longer), and I once went nearly two months without a check. When I left, he refused (to my face) to pay me my back wages; he still owes $4.2k in unpaid wages. He was well off and bragged about expensive things both he and the company bought, so it's not like he was short on funds. He had cameras pointing at all of our screens and he would watch us to make sure we were working. He randomly installed a key card system and later disabled the exit buttons; when the power went out, we were all trapped inside. Also, he managed to get a customer's house though shady means.

    Just three examples.
    Are any of these people deserving of mercy?
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    @unfuckers-inc try it yourself.
    Giving constructive solutions won't make the situation better.
    I am rather giving a hateful one, when nothing else helps.
    You simply can not talk to them in a normal way. Even animals understand you better than they do.

    I got no time to waste.
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    Ahh what'da you know
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    > You want to fix things?

    > Submit a constuctive solution.

    I like constructive solutions.

    Perhaps someone could suggest a scenario, and we could all try and come up with a constructive solution ?
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    @Nanos I got one! Suggestion N°1: Don't be a dick without reason.
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    @Jilano I'd shorten that to "don't be a dick"
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    If no one can come up with an example, I can try myself..

    Two people, one in a car, one a cyclist.

    Cycling is going uphill, very slowly.

    Road is only wide enough for a car, not a car and a bicycle.

    Car driver is waiting patiently behind the cyclist, who they reckon will take 10 minutes to reach the top of the hill.

    What should the cyclist do ?

    A) Pull over to let the car driver past.

    B ) Assert their right to take the lane and keep the car driver waiting, until they get a fit of road rage and push past the cyclist causing them to fall off in a ditch.

    C) Some other option ?
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    Id put forth the problem of the dying media empires: CNN or Fox; each are more and more desparately reporting inciteful stories as they grasp for ratings.

    In contrast we're seeing youtube channels such as HowToADHD create new communities. The channel creators are supported via Patreon and compile short presentations packed with citations, debumking myths. An empirical dialog follows.

    I do believe we should double down on supporting and enabling these kinds of new reporters, investigators and av-nerd teams.

    Simply put, "no more need for the old empire"...
    ...is not burning it down...
    ...IS replacing old scaffolding with appropriate new ones.
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    Dont complain, dont pitchfork.
    Build, document, iterate.

    Apathy is your enemy.
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    @Nanos i'd say variant A is the most appropriate
  • 1

    I agree.

    But if you go into a cycling group and suggest A), people will get annoyed and start calling you a car driver !
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    @Nanos they are dicks 🤷
  • 2
    - Maynard Keenan: "We should all try to get out each other's way. Get where you're going, not at the cost of someone else's path"
    - Bill Burr has a greatroad etiquette video.

    I ride bikes. I hyperfocus and my algo says A.
  • 0


    How does one then deal with that in a constructive manner I wonder ?
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    @Nanos 🤷 as if I'd knew. My social skills level is zero.
  • 0
    You cant change others.

    You cant sink to their level.

    Try driving a garbage truck...bet theyd pull to the side to let that pass. Youd have to get lucky with the direction of the wind perhaps though...
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    I suppose one could distribute pamphlets about the "Dutch Reach" and use that as a sort of trojan horse of self-interest to start a dialog about road etiquette and common decency...
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    @rutee07 true to form, I'd call that the AK47 style - and that wins hands down over the CoC style of SJWs. ^^
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    @Root no. There is no need for a bigger person in those stories -_-.

    Good thing all problems arent always as bad as that
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    Analysing the example problem, I think I understand now the variables at play.

    Humans are herd animals, and our instinct is to reproduce.


    On that basis, the best answer is that the cyclist hogs the lane, because they want to get to have sex first before the car driver !

    This I think explains why group X wants right Y, because it gives them a leg up, to get their leg over on the competition.

    Anything else they say about the issue is just hot air.

    Thoughts ?
  • 1
    @Nanos so anything is about sticks'n'holes game 🤔
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    @Nanos When I'm cycling, I hog the lane because car drivers usually respond with recklessness to consideration. They will pass without any safety distance if there is space to do so, and they don't care about legal requirements.

    On the other hand, it's not demanding too much of a cyclist going slowly to stop every few minutes and let a bunch of cars pass, just like tractor drivers are required to do.
  • 0
    I find if I hog the lane, for whatever reason, drivers behind me will get angry, leading to an increased chance of them doing something violent towards me, or their reckless behaviour causing an accident that I'm part of.

    As such, I much prefer them in front of me !

    When I used to cycle to work, there was some of us who had a lot less unpleasant situations on the road than other cyclists. The common reason I noticed was we were more polite on the road, or if you want to use another term, weak and followed the traffic, rather than carve our own way through it.

    The cyclists who had more trouble, they behaved in a more aggressive manner on the road.

    Over the years, some of them died on the roads, and I often wonder, was it because of their behaviour, eg. had they acted less aggressive, would they still be alive ?

    Some of them I have details of their accidents, and yes, they would have not died if they had behaved differently !
  • 0
    I use the term hog the lane, to mean, cycling at a slower speed than surrounding motor vehicle traffic.

    I find if you can cycle at whatever the traffic speed is, hogging the lane isn't really an issue for folk behind you.

    As such, if I'm going up hill, I like to follow a slow moving heavy vehicle if I can.
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