Two types of developers:
1) Good Developers
2) People who like Java

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    The second one is a synonym for "Best Developers"
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    Two types of developers:
    0) the ones who realize that tools are to be chosen for jobs and thrive to better themselves through continuous learning and expanding their horizons

    1) op
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    That makes no sense... I like Java. I also like C. And Bash. So I'm not a good dev just bcz java is among languages I like?

    If I'm programming in C as my BAU and I like java for my side projects. Am I not a good C developer now? Or just a bad jva dev?

    And if I write in java but I don't like java. Am I a good dev then?

    I'm confused. Op, help me out?
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    That's the dumbest statement I've read today.
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    @ganjaman your words are pure wisdom.
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    @ganjaman all the ++
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    Yay another member thats here to argue/troll over OS/languages.

    How original :)

    I love how Java gets the most hate...
    Did you write this on your Android phone by any chance?
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    I was soo dumb 2 years back.
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