*plays game for 10h consecutive*
.. yeah yeah I know what you're thinking. This guy doesn't have a life. And you're probably right.

*gets hungry*
… I could really use a hamburger right now 🤔
… But the fast food tent is ~30 minutes walking distance away, and this game automatically logs you out after 30 mins inactivity...

What if I could program in some delayed input?

*jazz hand routine engages*
Hmm.. so if I do something like:
PS C:\Users\Condor> $wshell.AppActivate('BlueStacks'); Sleep 1; $wshell.SendKeys('abusing this chat~'); Sleep 1; $wshell.SendKeys('for upkeep of 10h play~'); Sleep 1; $wshell.SendKeys('while I get myself a hamburger~'); Sleep 1; $wshell.SendKeys('sorry~');
that should work, no?

Le output:
abusing this chat

Well, even for PowerShit.. good enough, right? It gets the message across 🙃

Hmm.. let's just put an afk message instead, as I'm using the guild chat and don't want any of the members to think that I'm a freak

PS C:\Users\Condor> Sleep 1; $wshell.AppActivate('BlueStacks'); Sleep 1; $wshell.SendKeys('afk~');

.. which seems to work like a charm.. alright, perhaps I can entrust PowerShell to do that again after a 900 second delay, which should give me enough time to get that hamburger.

*comes back home*

"Logged out due to 30 minutes of inactivity."


Well, guess I'll do that no-life 10+h gaming session somewhere next year again then. Thanks Powercunt!

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    You know, if you played this on your phone, you could just walk to the food tent while playing.
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    @kamen TRIGGERED
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    Wait you are blaming MS for things that are either on you and/or the devs of the game?

    Some games don't see chat as active, others see repetitive input as inactive.
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    Man you could have used something like AHK and made it click in a random spot (or predetermined spots, your choice) every few minutes
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    is it Ragnarok?
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    @infernalempress Actually that wouldn't have been a bad idea.. I should've gone that route to be honest.
    @Codex404 How is PowerShell's inability to type something into chat after a 15 minute delay an issue on my end? That said, I'm not sure if this game does take chat into account. But given how many players sit in the government office map (pretty much a map exclusively for chilling out) and do nothing but chatting, I think it does. Otherwise a lot of players there would get inactivity timeouts after 30 minutes too.
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    @Kimmax If BlueStacks is involved, then this is most certainly about an Android game in the first place.
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    @Condor the issue is you caring to much about staying online and/or not enough planning to do so.
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    @kamen It is an Android game, but unfortunately I still haven't found a replacement to my broken Nexus 6P. So the only Android device I have right now is my tablet, which is.. kinda heavy to carry around and not that comfortable to play this particular game (Toram Online) on, unless I lay it flat on a table. Also in a 10h run, its battery would've probably died long before that, and I don't really like using my tablet while it's charging :/

    I really need a new phone...
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    @Codex404 I had 15 minutes to write that fucking script if I didn't want the hamburger tent to be closed upon arrival. What kind of superhuman planning do you expect?
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    @Condor if you start a session of which you know you cant close down one might think they would at least have some food in house.
    But why was it that important you stayed in the game?
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    @Codex404 Oh, I did have food in house but not a Bicky burger which I really wanted to eat (and unfortunately didn't make it past my stomach last night.. drank too much booze).

    The reason why I wanted to do a 10h run is because there's emblems in the game for consecutive play time. Somewhere one or two years ago I did it up to 5h, now did it up to 10h.. but it turns out that there's even more emblems past that. Hopefully it ends after 12h or so. Thing is, I didn't want to have to do such a run again and wanted to get all of them in one go, and call it a day. Now I'll have to do it all over again later...
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    @Codex404 Oh, turns out that I'm lucky, got the 11th one as well :3 hopefully there's only one more after that.
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    @Condor I feel your pain as I'm also using a 6P. It died, but I got lucky that it was just before the warranty ends, and they replaced the motherboard and the battery for free. I'm looking to replace it before it dies again, but sadly, there's practically no phone with similar specs and as easily unlockable around this price. Even Pixels have become less root-friendly (and at the same time they're almost twice as expensive).
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    @kamen It was a good phone while it lasted.. Personally I went with the OnePlus 6T as a replacement. Hopefully that one won't die in a couple of months like my N6P did :')
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    I almost hate notches and I'd like to stay with a 1440p display. I also want to get an SD card slot to load some music for when I travel.

    As for the 6P, it was a year and a half with mine since it started having battery issues, so I guess it's a matter of luck.
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    @kamen never doubt that. Thought you were referring to that Diablo mobile desaster 😂
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    @Kimmax I don't play this kind of games even on my PC, but even if I did, I probably wouldn't do it on my phone.
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    @Kimmax that hasn't even been released yet
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    Shit old thread... Second rez in 2 days... Sorry 😧
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    @svgPhoenix no worries, I'm pretty sure that you can just blame the algo and call it a day 😜
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