Hey fellow devs, my friend showed me this Godot game engine. Ive spent 15hrs over the weekend building strategy game client which consumes my api server. Ive done a lot! It was easy to understand custom Gdscript which is okay. But before i dig in, i want to know what you guys think about this game engine? Is it going somewhere? Is it good option for indie games? Is it good option for building android/ios games? I need to make my mind 🤔

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    I'm in the middle with Godot, I'm a game maker user moving into mono game so Godot seem kind of limited in my eyes but if the community can pick up more steam behind it, I think it could definitely evolve into something great, I don't use it but have my eye on it for sure
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    i still just use an openGL and openAL context. i tried with engines like unity or stuff but they all so limited. you should try some others aswell and find the right midway between complexity, limitedness and workflow.
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