So, for about two days ago I got hit with a crazy anxiety attack. My chest started to tighten and things seemed dark at the time.

I'm a CS freshmen this year and I find myself struggling with some subjects. I felt like I've dissapointed a lot of people that I really cared. Anxiety attacks have been happening recently. Do you guys have any advice for dealing with anxiety attacks ?

*sorry for the bad english

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    You should see a doctor.
    If you are struggling with some subjects work hard and give your 100%,don't let them ruin your health.
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    @ceee Thanks for the advice , I really appreciate it
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    Honestly I had this too, I had a subject in my first year that I couldn't understand. For some reason I just couldn't do it and ended up having an anxiety attack. After that I learned my lesson though, the world doesnt end if you cant do something or are not particularly good at something.

    Its oke just do your best, seek help from friends or teachers and whatever happens happens. Believe me it's not worth ruining your health over.

    I got over it by realizing that it's just school and that even if I fail I can try again later and that my health is more important then whatever subject I cant seem to get.
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    @Ryhazerus Thanks for sharing your experience :'), I'm really glad that you overcame it. One of the reason I'm so afraid of repeating it is the financial burden of retaking a course.
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