No reason. Just don’t like it anymore!

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    It now pales in comparison to Sublime/VsCode/Atom.
    That interface looks so god damn like the 90s I cannot bear it anymore.
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    Come to the dark side (Linux terminal only, hardcore mode). We have Vim. And you'll never leave, you'll be stuck here growing a neckbeard for eternity ;)
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    New notepad++ update package is available. Do you want to download it?
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    @scorpionk No thanks. Contented with VSCode!
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    @scorpionk you just reminded me why I hate notepad++ too. I actually need to write a rant about "automatic" updates, which are actually not automatic.
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    Notpad++ has it's warts but for some reason I just can't shake it. I always end up going back to it even after VSCode and Atom. It's my default hey-what's-in-this-file inspection tool.
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    @Lensflare I know. That is the only reason I hate notepad++. Everyday you open notepad++, that annoying pop up comes up.
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