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    Windows stops responding for 3 minutes*
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    @olback that usually ends up with a BSOD :\

    At least on my end
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    Windows updates in under just 3 hours in most cases why do they complain?!
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    Funny thing is that I never experienced a BSOD in my life though using Windows for a really long time. But sadly I experienced the lags and freezes.. that's why I'm using Linux and MacOS
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    Arch is only faster than Windows because Arch doesn't do anything useful. Har har!
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    My windows install lags like a mf when I ask it to start any program, doesn't matter what it is.

    It could have something to do with the fact that I put it on a spinning disk as opposed to an ssd.

    It could also be related to the fact that it's a 5400 rpm disk

    Or it could also be because this particular disk was pulled out of a smashed up ps3 found in my apartment building dumpster.

    I'm starting to think that this may be a tiny bit my fault.
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    @snaz Windows 10 is too slow when not on SSD. As someone had said, the tremendous advances in hardware are just being offset with tremendously worse software implementations.
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    True hahaha, glad I'm not a Linux Nazi :D
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    Looks like an Ubuntu mullenial
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    Literally me
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    @linuxxx because you have to get contact to devices powered by Microsoft, and we all know you would rather eat shit. 😅
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    Weimar Republic: *has some economic issues for literally 0.01* century*

    Literal Nazis:

    *actual figures may vary
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    *Windows updates instead of shut down *
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    @Teabagging4Life win10 is only usable on an SSD.
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    @wholl0p did you experienced any reboot out of nowhere? As if someone had plugged out and plugged in your computer?

    Some Windows versions reboot instead of showing a BSOD
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    @brunofontes I can't remember but I guess no
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    So does Linux too.
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    @wholl0p Windows has really improved over time. :)
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    @brunofontes It depends... At work I'm forced to use Windows 7 and I would and will prefer it over Windows 8 or 10
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    @wholl0p oh, yes. There are these variations. But, in general, it's improving.

    There was a time that BSOD was normal. Almost every day.
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    As a product - it is actually good. I am using Windows at work and work related stuff. And I have not had any problems with it really.
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    @Linux I use linux, but I like Windows and I like MacOS.

    They all have different approaches. So I would have all of them.
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    Best meme ever😂
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    My mac doesn't shutdown after an update try to 10.12.6 from 10.12.4. It just waits for don't know what with cursor as only thing on black.
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    Windows lags for literally 0.01 secs -> we are all dead, this is heaven... 😂
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    Kill windows
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    I recently saw a 2 month old Windows 10 laptop with pretty decent specs, it had some 8th gen i5 iirc, not too much bloatware, overall pretty clean pc, it was just so slow it was unusable ... turns out it had an HDD and the disk usage was constant 100%, checked system monitor and as expected the system processes were doing that...
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