Fuck those clients which are surprised when they get an invoice when they ask you to do something for them.

I think it's as simple as:

- you know my hourly rate
- you ask me to do some work for you
- I give you an estimation
- you agree with the estimation
- I get the job done and show it to you
- you accept the edits/solutions
- I send you an invoice with less hours than estimated
- you agree with the invoice and pay

It seems that every step is going well, except the last one...

Well... fuck you too.

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    Greedy motherfuckers.
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    Happens all to often, almost like its a complete surprise, or they never seen it coming, even though you keep them engaged throughout the whole process and they know whats to come...... That's when I tell 'em a good old quote by Red Adair!
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    @Boyzee905 haha, nice quote! I should use that some time.
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    @unknown I can only speak from experience, has happened way to often.. But give it a shot, has worked for me every time.
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    @Boyzee905 I'll try ot next time :) do you work as a freelancer?

    And welcome to devRant, btw 😁
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    Hey @unknown , thanks for the welcome! Happy to be here.... Presently I am working a little bit as a freelancer, also have my own little company on the side. You?
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    @Boyzee905 oh nice! Same here. Working as an employee for a company, but also doing some freelance work with my own "little company" besides it :D
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    @unknown That's awesome, keep up the good work. Heart and dedication will pay off in the long run, and you never know, eventually you can be able to retire from the 9-5 company scenario.
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    @Boyzee905 I will be happy when I can. Not because it's a bad company (not at all actually), but it looks awesome to have my own real "company".
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    @Boyzee905 so much truth in this quote. Happens way too often, fixing or rebuilding a project that saved them $ initially.
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    @unknown Great to hear. Can only get better :) ... Great to hear about the company you work for too. Probably have a good "work / life" balance. Well cheers to you and all the best.
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    @notlikethis There is no beating tech these days, there is always something somewhere that you can bring up and show, whether it be an emailed quote, agreement, skype convo, text, or whatever. Many ways to provide facts, remove doubt, and cover your "ASS". But agreed that good ol' handshake went out the window long ago. And I can only speak from experience..
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    @W77ng For me, speaking from experience, that quote by Red Adair is your ace card in your pocket... If anybody gets a chance to use it please let me know how it worked out for you....
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