Was thinking of a name for my currently biggest project and thought of a funny one, took the first letter of each word and started to use that to refer to the project, was thinking about domain names and such already etc.

Just wrote it down and I suddenly noticed:


How the fuck did I miss that for fucking weeks?! It's not like it's a difficult sentence/set of words or anything.

I'm so fucking glad I didn't register domains or shit yet.

How. In. The. Living. Hell.

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    Just pull a Wine and change it "it meant that all along"!
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    I bought 3 different domains for the same reason lol
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    Is that extra letter one you could make work?
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    Please share context. Otherwise this is just like any stackoverflow rant without a link :/
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    @pullervo The project isn't public yet so can't share much more than this, just found it a freaking weird thing and rant-worthy.

    What kinda context are you looking for?
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    @linuxxx yeah, I understand. But maybe you could have mentioned the name and why it was worth ranting. You are a big OSS fan, which makes the "not public" part little strange. Unless there's a startup coming? ;)

    Anyway, no offence. Groetjes
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    @pullervo As I explained numerous times, I don't want to release something when it's not entirely usable yet as for what it was intended to be used for.

    This project is getting close but tonight I, yet again, discovered some major bugs which make that certain functions just don't work at all and I don't find that release worthy.
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    @linuxxx Best of luck, especially with those bugs, I've been busting my a** to get high code coverage on my project and that saved me many times but of course, takes a lot of time to write T_T
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    I'm not alive nor dead.
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    this year i have to pay the fees for two domains out of sheer retardedness...
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    HITLH xD
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