WSL in Windows 10 to get Linux stuff. Crostini (a lightweight ChromeOS container tailored for Linux) running in ChromeOS to get Linux stuff.

If you want Linux, just get a proper laptop for Linux man.

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    Exactly !!!! Just run pure Linux and not some bloddy bullshit thats not even running natively.
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    Yeha Linux will give you a much better experience tbh. But there's also something like cmder which includes a some of the good stuff from linux
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    Crostini was intended to be a secure Linux sandbox, and WSL was intended to use Linux with CLI so you don't need to even leave the OS itself. There's a lot of reasons why they do this.

    Let's begin with ChromeOS. Chrome OS wouldn't need this, right? BUT HEY! It has the majority of the K-12 Market, and some people buy it because it's cheap hardware-wise as well! But then again, the thing is a whole *Linux* distro - all you need to do is get rid of the fs lock and you have a full on Gentoo. Crostini just makes it more easy and secure. You don't need to tap to the actual system fs.

    Now with Windows, there are many cases why you want Linux while in Windows - its about testing in two different environments without ever leaving the other.

    I hope that clarifies why - people has varying opinions but this one is based on how I and 10 other people I met use WSL and Crostini (I have a CloudReady laptop with Crostini FYI and a W10 machine with WSL).
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    @caramelCase I use WSL since I don't want switch (dual boot) when I am gaming and need to do some linux stuff. I am used to bash.
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