No doubts, the software engineers suggested this.

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    when in doubt, reboot!

    valuable even in space
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    Must've been the most complex reboot ever attempted
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    I think they installed Windows on it
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    @lazyDev nah, had they done that, it would be doing some stupid shit and start plumbing towards the Earth after about a couple weeks of uptime.
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    @chaz042 but hey, at least with the newest version you'll receive a notification every 10 seconds about it
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    It should be a kernel update for sure!!
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    That’s seriously fucked up. Reboot to fix shit ain’t no fix, it’s shit!

    Can’t believe my tax dollars paid for shit code in that thing.
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    @xcodesucks and indeed, xcode sucks 👌
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    A reboot in a complex system is a hard problem. Spend some time working with multi region “cloud” networks with large number of VMs with a many 9 SLA to gain an appreciation for difficult reboots.
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