Here is the equivalent of every single mid sized "php" project listed on freelancer now:

I'd like a custom designed electric car.
Budget: $750.

And in 1999:

I need a literal pile of dog poop.
Budget: $10,000

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    I just wanted to see if there was any low hanging fruit, maybe a copy/paste for $500?

    Nope. Quite the opposite.
    Looks like people who got fucked for a 10k static website in 1999 are getting their revenge.
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    i saw some guy asking for a new operating system written in php :) budget was a bazilion dolars... also another one... at that time some chinese politician was about to come to my country, and there was a job at a freelancer.com to investigate if there will be any riots here...
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    Pretty sure freelancer site didn't exist in 1999
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    @Cangaroo it used to be called something else I think

    Or there were other similars
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