Today my raspberry pi media center bricked itself (at least it won't boot properly. Than I thought I just format the SD card and reinstall everything. But than my windows pc won't boot properly because it's still running on old hdd and I suck at building PCs. Than I tried my ThinkPad with antergos and remembered that it is also dead because the last update broke something. And now I'm trying to boot my windows at least into safe mode and my ThinkPad to boot from the live stick to chroot and fix it. Still waiting since 15min for any progress.
Now is my old Oneplus One with an outdated nightly of a custom Rom my only working connection to the web.
I'm starting to think that waiting for the last minute to fix problems might not the best way for me.

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    Great. Apparently my live stick from which I installed antergos Linux is corrupted. Now I can't even fix the main problem because even my windows won't boot. Fml. -.-'
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    One thing at a time!
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    I believe there is an app to write ISO to flash drives using USB otg, possibly some use? I am unsure if its possible but fsck from termux?
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    @dufferz that would be awesome and could get me running again. With a working distro to chroot my laptop and than work my way up. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Jesus man! Got everything coming to bite you in the ass at the same time. And I thought I had problems!
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    I think I've found a way. The hint from @dufferz helped. I found drive Droid which can mount iso images. My try with antergos minimal didn't work because I couldn't get the wifi running. Now downloading the regular iso and hoping my currently 7 hour journey will come to a point I can work with it.
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    Good tip @kenogo. Will do that when I get my system running again.

    I finally managed to get the live system running. But couldn't fix it so far. Probably I forgot to mount something right. I'm a noob knee deep in arch. What could go wrong 😄
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    @kenogo oh that hurts because it's true. ^^ I'm finally back at my system.

    Kernel update got mixed up but I could fix that. Now I got other problems. First xkeyboard is complaining, than is i3 unable to find libraries and than is the connection to the xserver lost. Fun times ^^
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    @raffaels-blog Damn.. Got me.. ^^
    Stupid mistake. Thanks for the heads up.
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