The feed truly feels like limbo, with random shit posts, incomprehensible text, try hard memes in every single tag, ..

Wish I had the time to work on my devrant client, so I could just block by keywords, tags and nickname, to have finally a feed to scroll through without just wanting to close the app.

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    People that treat tags like hashtags and put 15 of them in a post hurts my soul lol

    ESPECIALLY when they categorize it as a rant and put "meme" or "joke" as a tag.
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    @Stuxnet yeah that's (rant + joke tag) the people I'd add to a global block list of some sort, just like adblocker lists you can subscribe to, fuck those people.
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    @JoshBent What nicknames would you block? 🤔
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    @AlgoRythm "Oh, you don't want to know, random citizen...."
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    @AlgoRythm I have my own candidates for my list, the global one is just an idea, though since I plan to implement backup and import, I might as well add a block list sharing function of some sorts (just need to keep these kind of functions globally accessible, so other plugins could do the same), though e.g. nicknames would have to have a reason why you blocked somebody, so both you can later go look why he is blocked and if you share, others can also be warned or remove that person from the blocklist, if they don't see it as a reason.
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    @AlgoRythm Personally I'd block the random quotes bot and any tags containing either joke, meme, joke/meme, jokes/memes, quote.

    That would be a great start to cleaning up the wall :v
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    @inaba haha yeah, I have been annoyed by that spambot too.
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    If there are enough rants here one could actually train a machine learning based spam classifier. Could be an interesting project to do if I ever get some time.

    Though I don't think text based spam is much of an issue (at least not enough to generate a good dataset), you'd need to label spam, you need a pretty large dataset for image spam (though one could also perhaps link it to Reddit and other image sources), and it's probably more efficient to blacklist people than try to autofilter based on what they write because people, at least here, tend to be fairly consistent.
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