I love xml. There. I said it. I freaking said it.

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    Good for you, you took the first step to cure it. :)
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    Should this be in joke/meme? :/
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    I'm gonna subscribe your posts only to be able to click 'unsubscribe'.

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    You must be a fellow traveler from space 👨‍🚀👩‍🚀
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    Pffft xml, json, all that noob stuff. Im a -send long strings and concatenate them later - kinda guy
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    Same actually

    But please don't send it over a network...
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    You must be masochistic 😅
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    It's a standard that's been around forever so yea, I like it too. There is no alternative I know about.
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    Only if you use a class serializer or include a XSD with strong type definitions so it can be validated so make sure no shit data is committed to the DB.

    For just serialization... Ur crazy. Json is better and less verbose
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    I respect your balls for saying it out loud... Hat's off
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    @mrDev thanks !
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    @billgates yeah for validation. And its much easier to write by hand too
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    @xecute Told ya not to say it out loud -_-
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