thoughts on the Apple Magic Mouse? is it worth it if you use a Mac for work? I'd definitely get a generation old one where the charging port isn't on the fucking bottom if I were to get one lmfao

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    When I was first given a Mac for work, I fought it. I hooked up a multi button mouse and used that for a while, but then I realized that this has all been designed a certain way, and I need to at least give it a chance. I unplugged the mouse and forced myself to use the trackpad exclusively. My goal was a month, but the reality was about 16 months before I finally got an external device. That device: a magic trackpad. I absolutely love the trackpad with macOS. Once I set the two finger click to work as a right click, and three fingers as a middle click, I was missing nothing, and enjoyed all the crazy advantages offered by the trackpad.
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    @bahua why an external track pad? why not just use the built in track pad?
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    @mjones44 unless he got a MacBook, no inbuilt ;)
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    @Avyiel "I unplugged the mouse and forced myself to use the track pad exclusively" - @bahua
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    Because I hooked up a nice keyboard, and didn't want to reach over it to use the trackpad.
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    @bahua understandable. in that case I think I'll pass on the Magic Mouse since you chose the external track pad over it, and just use my MacBook track pad since I just use the MacBook keyboard. thanks for your take
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